History of the NPWW Bowling Games

Motivated by many co-workers at the Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES), the First NPWW Bowling Games was organized in 2008. Not only we have the support of the fellow employees at DPWES, we have great participation from the Management Teams including the DPWES Director, Jimmie Jenkins who rolled the first ball of the Bowling Games to initiate this exciting and interesting event on May 2008 for the celebration of National Public Works Week.

The 2008 NPWW Bowling Games were organized by Alex P. Cheng of the Planning & Design Division. Under the direction of Deputy Director Larry Ichter and the 2008 NPWW Events Planning Committee, the event was planned with the suggestions of some fellow engineers to encourage the participation of fellow members of DPWES, friends and families. Bumper bowling for children (ages 6 to 9) was included when they enjoyed the bowling games under supervision of their parents who bowled adjacent to them to harvest a lot of fun for the entire families.

We welcome members and retirees of the County of Fairfax Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES), friends and families to join us for the bowling games during the celebration of the 2019 National Public Works Week.

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